Modulearn Learning Modules - Which are right for you?

Our learning modules can be delivered individually, or combined to make a programme designed for you. Choose a set of modules that fit your needs, or use a learning path to help you progress. The system is flexible. Below are some suggestions for scenarios we come across frequently.


  • Product accountability gives you control and the opportunity to create ground-breaking products. Our learning paths help you partner with delivery teams, maximise market potential and delight customers.

  • Business Manager Conversion

    Business manager or marketing executive working with digital teams? This path is for you. We help you define great products and engage with delivery teams.

  • Product Owner Evolution

    Already own a product? Want help unblocking problems and getting more done? This path is for you. Learn new techniques to unlock your product's potential and share ideas with others.

  • AI Launchpad

    Introduce AI into your product roadmap. This path gives you the essential skills to introduce AI capabilities to your customers and stakeholders.

  • Delivery

    • Delivering using Agile is the norm. But are you making the most of modern delivery methods? Innovate with AI and help your team experiment with purpose. Whatever stage you are at, our learning paths support you.

    • Project Manager Conversion

      Moving from traditional project management to modern agile delivery is a transformation journey. Many existing techniques are useful - you just need to know which.

    • Scrum Master Evolution

      Already running Scrum teams? Move your team to the next level with this path. Advanced techniques, problem solving and the opportunity to share and learn with other Scrum Masters.

    • AI Launchpad

      Introduce AI into your solution delivery. This path gives you the essential skills to include innovotive AI capabilities into your delivery programme.

    ....or simply use the filters below to choose modules that suit you