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a new approach to learning

Modern business. Modern learning.


There's no point in learning new things if you can't apply them. We take your learning from the classroom to the workplace.


Why shouldn't learning be fun? We use the latest game based learning techniques with a serious edge to gain maximum engagement.


Focused sessions that match the way you do business. You learn one key thing and are energised to implement it immediately.

what makes Modulearn different

Rethink your training. Focus on learning.

new learning

Embrace the future working environment. Knowledge workers learn differently. Experiences outweigh theory. Learning is a continuous process not confined to the training room.

  • Short, sharp modules

    Each module focuses on learning and applying one key thing. Many are 30 minutes. None are more than three hours. Delivered at pace, attendees are engaged with no time for interruptions.

  • Game based learning

    Most people learn by doing. All modules include a practical, game based element unique to Modulearn. You won't have seen these anywhere else. Activities have been designed specifically to bring out key learning points.

  • Practise and follow up

    Facilitators help you apply new techniques to your own environment. Everyone creates a plan of action by the end of the session. A few weeks later we follow up with a review to see how everyone got on. Real test and learn.

old training

We've all got used to traditional training courses. But isn't it time for change? Time is precious. Traditional training delivery does not fit with the way the modern business operates.

  • Long, multi-day courses

    Taking days off for training just isn't practical. Work still goes on. Your course is full of interruptions. Focus gets lost and the value you get from the course reduces. Instead of networking in breaks, everyone is answering eMails.

  • Slide driven training

    Is your current training full of slides and handouts? Easy for the trainer to deliver. Not great for learning. Don't pay for slide decks, that's just expensive re-use you're being charged for.

  • Too much content

    Multi-day training covers a lot of ground. But how much theory do attendees realistically apply after the course? Most end up applying a few concepts with the intention to start the rest later. But work just gets in the way.

learning styles

Choose how your learning is delivered.

Executive Popup

Fast learning session. We turn up and deliver within your existing executive meeting cycle.

Drive Through

Put many people through a short, sharp learning initiative. Run as back-to-back sessions throughout the day in a single location.


Learn and practise new techniques and gain the confidence to try them in your own working environment.


Advance your skills. Share your experiences and learn from the experts in an open session.


Choose modules to match your learning needs

A flexible learning approach means you choose the modules that best suit your role or team.

Take a look at some sample modules below.

This is just a sample of available modules. Launch our module selector to explore more.

Contact us to discuss the right modules for you and your team.

or use a learning path

We have selected a number of modules that work together for certain roles.

Choose a full set. Or just use as inspiration to create your own programme.

Digital Leadership

These learning paths provide the skills to lead in digital. Choose from one of these sets if you are transforming into digital.

  • Executive Visioning

    Learn how to steer your organisation in a complex digital world. Modules include Value, Priority and Communicate.

  • Transforming to digital

    Drive your organisation on its own digital transformation journey. Modules include Value, Transform and Engage.

  • Leadership Style

    Build a leadership style that empowers knowledge workers without losing control. Modules include Solve, Output and Organise.

Agile Advancement

If you are already on an Agile journey, choose from these paths to take your agility to the next level.

  • Product Owner Evolution

    Learning support for operating Product Owners with needs beyond standard Product Owner training. Modules include Priority, Flow and Value.

  • Scrum Master Evolution

    Learning support for those already operating as Scurm Masters. Modules include Output, Flow and Coach.

  • Team Player

    Learn how to make the most of being part of a self-organising team. Modules include Output, Organise and Timebox.

Launch our module selector tool for more details on the modules included in these paths


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